Don’t you just love silly, cuddly, spontaneous love? Me too! Want to schedule your cuddly spontaneous family love photo session with me, anya wait photographer? Me too! I do family sessions year round. In your home, outdoors, in the snow, all sorts of fun places! Email me at to book your family full of love session. I can’t wait to meet you!


A very brief glance into a First 48 Session. Those moments you cherish but soon forget. I love coming in and meeting fresh new babies and new families. You can add a First 48 on to your birth photography session with me, a newborn session, or just choose it as a stand alone session!


Well hello there! Long time no post for me. I have decided to make it my mission in the next month to post a blog post at least three times a week as I have so many gorgeous sessions from over the past two (gasp!) years that have not seen the light of my blog. I have been photographing in Dumbo, Brooklyn as a family and baby photographer for over four years now, and every time I travel there I have the best time finding fabulous locations. If you have seen the movie Bridge of Spies you might recognize this location! While this family and I were walking around, we came upon the set, and the crew agreed to allow us to photograph there. What an awesome experience that was!