Remember when we had snow? Yeah, me neither. Well sometimes people wonder if I take portraits in the winter time. And the answer is YES! Actually I love to photograph in the snow. I also love to photograph in the sun, in the shade, in a moat, on a boat, with a goat… you get the idea. Meet baby Gigi. Before she was born.

  • Jennifer Wilcox - Anya I love how you capture families perfectly in their own element!

  • Jessica - Anya, I love your style! You have such a wonderful ability to capture people with their personalities shinning through. Can’t wait to see their baby 🙂

  • Melissa Berg - Anya these are gorgeous!! You have such a signature style and I adore it!

What? And actual blog post? Am I dreaming??? No, you are not. My blog has been sadly neglected over the past couple of months as I have photographed so many of Madison, Wisconsin’s newest residents! Meet sweet baby James and his gorgeous family.

  • Eden Bao - What a cute baby! Congratulations to the family!

  • Melissa Berg - Just love your work Anya!! Such an inspiration!

  • Heather Lickliter Larkin - Love his widdle toooes!!

  • Jennifer Wilcox - I love your work Anya!

  • Jessica - What a beautiful family and i just love the one him on the couch with all the pillows and stuffies. Great work, Anya!

Since Mother Nature seems to be a little confused about our desire for WARM weather — not more snow, I figured I would post a newborn session from this past summer. Just so we could all remember what it was like, you know, back in the day, to go outside without a parka.

Happy families = happy babies!

and just for fun … a little something different:

  • Melissa Berg - Anya, I just adore your work! What a sweet family!

  • Jennifer Snook - Great session!!! You gotta love the last one. LOL

  • Jennifer Wilcox - I love that you photograph family’s on their door steps. A families home is so much a part of them.

  • Angela - So cute! Love how happy they are!

  • Huong Forrest - What a beautiful session and I cannot believe you have great weather already! Enjoy it!

  • Keri - These are all just lovely! I adore the sweet baby grins you captured!

  • Melissa - Love! Thank you so much for such beautiful pictures!

  • Eden Bao - Aww…I love how the baby looks so content!