Looking through past blog posts I cannot believe I forgot to post my most awesome post- Turkey Day baby! This little man had quite a slew of visitors travel from Baltimore to welcome him into the family. And I was the lucky girl who was hired to document their love. Yay!
Can you feel the love?

With grandma plus mommy and daddy:

With auntie plus mommy and daddy:

In daddy’s arms:

Hello world!

G’night world!

  • Angela - Love these! Gorgeous baby!

  • Jennifer Wilcox - Love those family shots. Simply elegant!

  • Huong Forrest - These are so perfect, Anya! Love your work!

  • Eden Bao - Very nice, Anya! What a good-looking family and adorable baby!

  • Heather - Love the hair on that baby! Adorable!

One question I get asked a lot in contact emails is, “Do you travel beyond Madison to photograph newborns/babies/families?” The answer is yes! I travel to photograph sweet wee ones all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and even as far as California 😉

Meet sweet baby Levi from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. I can only imagine how much he has grown since these images were taken, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to photograph him again.

  • Jennifer Wilcox - True happiness on display in that last portrait!

  • Angela - So sweet! Love the lifestyle feel!

  • Huong Forrest - Anya, I love the sweet simplicity of this gorgeous session!

  • Jana Ledic - Thank you, Anya for so beautifully capturing these special moments for us! You are very right, Levi has changed so much. We can’t wait to have you back! Thanks again!

Twinkies are back!

Photographing twins rules.  There is something so beautiful and sweet about two little people having such a special connection.  These little guys were so happy to be cuddled up with one another.  And me, well I got to cuddle them for 4 whole hours.  Now *that* was all kinds of awesome.

  • Jennifer Snook - So cute Anya!!! Great job as always. 🙂

  • Jennifer Wilcox - I love the new face lift for your blog;-) I don’t know how you do such wonderful work with twins. You must be Wonder Woman in disguise!!

  • Melissa Berg - So adorable!!! The first image is my favorite. Great job Anya!