I had a “most excellent” time photographing this gorgeous baby and family last month! Since the UW Arboretum has started charging photographers $30 per session to photograph there I have had to become a bit more creative with my on-location sessions. This lovely session took place at the beautiful Olin-Turville Park. Who knew an un-used lifeguard stand could make for such an awesome family photo ๐Ÿ˜‰

peace, much love, and family hugs ♥ anya

  • Angela - So sweet! Love the emotion in that last shot!

  • Lisa W - Again, Anya..that top shot is one of my absolute favorites of yours. Very emotive work here. Love this session! And Fiona is a most fabulous name ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Huong Forrest - Wow, what a beautiful family! Those eyes on the little darling are so captivating!

It isn’t every day that I get a newborn this fresh! I see most newborns on days 6-8 post birth as that is the best time to achieve the types of images you find in my portfolio. For a variety of reasons we scheduled Avery on day 5. She was, as all babies are, awesome!

Even her big sister posed for me!

And then we attempted the impossible… The coveted sibling image. Which tends to work, or not work. OR it captures a moment in time that may not be traditional portrait perfection, but instead captures what life is really like between two tiny siblings. Which is why I simply adore this image!

  • Naomi - What a beautiful baby girl. The 1st and 3rd photos are my favorites. She looks so peaceful.

  • Huong Forrest - She’s so beautiful!!!!

  • Angela - Oh, what sweetness! Love the soft colors!

  • Melissa Berg - Gorgeous!! I love the second image!

  • Jennifer Wilcox - I grew up in Verona!!! What a beautiful name for a baby girl. Love the sweet sibling kiss.

I believe Rohin is one of the smiliest babies (is smiliest a word? If not, it should be) I have photographed in some time. Baby smiles make me happy! So do baby toes, tiny baby hands, baby eyelashes, and especially teeny tiny baby feet. ♥

It has been some time since I shared some luscious black and white baby photographs. When I initially started photographing newborns and their families, black and white was my specialty. While it still continues to be one of them, I have been enjoying the venture into color. There is, however, nothing quite like the simplicity and pure beauty of black and white.

peace, much love, and baby smiles! ♥ anya

  • Angela - So precious!! Love that huge grin ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Naomi Weber - So sweet! Love the black and whites!

  • Jennifer Wilcox - Feet shots get me every time. What a handsome little fellow;-)

  • Jessica Higgins - Beautiful, beautiful work! Love that you were able to capture is sweet little smile.

  • Lisa W - You have such a gift with the newborns, Anya. I just love these!

  • Keri - These are just lovely. I adore the black & whites!

  • Anita Pillai - Yes, Rohin’s smile is so precious & it is really adorable you capturing it so beautifully….