On this chilly spring day, I figured I would remind everyone what it’s like to be REALLY cold. Because that will make us feel better about this gloomy spring weather, right? Right. While photographing this gorgeous Middleton Wisconsin maternity session, I had no idea we would be making pregnancy snow angels at the end. I love it when families are spontaneous and like to have a little fun! ♥

  • Angela - Beautiful! Love the idea of a snow maternity!

  • Jennifer Snook - Love them. Looks like a fun session

  • Amber - Your client is sooo brave! She makes taking pictures in the snow look like fun!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • leandra - Looks like such a fun session.

Lately (and by lately I mean like a year …), I have been really slow to post to my blog. So this year, not only are you going to see a re-cap of many of the babies and families I photographed, but also the newer 2015 additions. This little man is related to a little sweetie I just posted on my blog below. One of the many perks of being a newborn portrait photographer, aside from all the baby cuddles, is to see families grow and expand. Another perk (as seen below), since I go into peoples homes for sessions, occasionally I get to doggie wrangle and cuddle as well. Double bonus!

  • Jennifer Snook - Adorable and Fantastic as always

  • Gretchen Flueckiger - Beautiful. I just love your work!

  • Jennifer Wilcox - So many perfect images. My favorite is the one of him stretching.

  • Amanda Lipsey - Perfection!

  • leandra - All so perfect. LOVE the family shot with the dog.

  • jennifermauren - They are all just lovely!

  • Eden - Perfect images of baby! Love the family one too!

  • Amber - I think that’s my favorite family photo ever! Such a beautiful family and gorgeous dog!

I have to admit, sometimes I adore getting my hands on teeny tiny baby girls, just so I can put ruffles on their bum. Headband and bum ruffles, courtesy of her mama.

Newborn portrait in Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Sleeping newborn portrait in fitchburg, Wisconsin
Yawning newborn photograph

  • Jennifer Wilcox - She is adorable. Love the portraits.

  • Amanda Lipsey - Beautiful!!

  • leandra - So natural and beautiful. Love these.

  • jennifermauren - I had to chuckle at the awake one!

  • Eden - She looks very surprised to see a camera, lol. Beautiful work!

  • Amber - What kind of world would it be without bum ruffles?! She’s adorable ๐Ÿ™‚