Check me out, I am blogging again! It is my goal to get through all of 2013 images and into 2014 in the next two months. Holy cow, that’s a lot of blogging. Welcome to one of the best nights of my life. The honor of documenting (and essentially being the only midwife there – yay fast births) the birth of beautiful Arwen Skye into her family. She is obviously very loved ♥

PS — that’s me in the last image. Because apparently I am a full service birth photographer and like to diaper, swaddle, and cuddle before I leave 😉

Check it! I blogged again! Now I feel like a super-hero well deserving of those Wonder Woman Underoos I am still on the look out for. I have to admit, I LOVE all babies, but a baby with a full head hair? I get pretty darn excited about.

  • Meghan Rickard - Oh my goodness, what a darling little peanut! In LOVE with that first image of her!

  • Sarah Severson - These are absolutely gorgeous! I’m a photographer based in Evanston, IL (just north of Chicago). I love your work and that baby is beautiful!

  • Angela - Gorgeous! Love the tones so much!

  • leandra - So pure and simple- my favorite kind of images of tiny babies.

  • Jennifer Wilcox - You definitely “did it again”. As in perfectly captured a baby!

  • Eden - Beautiful set! Loving the tones too!