This summer I had the distinct pleasure of photographing sweet baby Avi for the second time. During a portion of the session Avi’s mom, frustrated that Avi was starting to get grumpy and not interacting with the camera, flagged down a teenage couple headed off into the woods and requested that they act silly for the camera (i.e. behind me). They enthusiastically obliged. We all felt pretty confident knowing that we had done our adult duty of providing these teenagers a great lesson in why they may want to reconsider what they were going into the woods for. Except for the fact that Avi is pretty darn cute. Even I (mommy of 5) wanted to take her home with me 😉

Avi loves to read!

Avi loves her mommy!

She loves her daddy too!

peace, much love, and sweet baby smooches! ♥ anya