So I always have high hopes for the wonderful images I am going to capture of siblings with their mama’s burgeoning belly. Suffice to say, those images in my head never end up revealing themselves to my camera. What does end up happening, I have discovered (hence the growing in my title), is that the images that do end up appearing are so utterly perfect in their own right. This was proven to me in the session that follows. I photographed this little man when he was a teeny tiny 6 days old almost two years ago. He was such a sweet little tiny cherub. When we started this particular session I had in mind some of the images I wanted to create. What ended up happening seemed like utter chaos. I left thinking that I was not able to capture any images of him with his sweet sister before her birth. What I ended up discovering was that the images I captured were a perfect documentation of little Ethan and who he is at this age. Not my own idea of who he is. Who he truly is.

I will start with his beautiful mama…

Madison Wisconsin Pregnancy Photographer Anya Wait

Madison Wisconsin Pregnancy Photographer

Madison Wisconsin Photographer

and now the big brother … I think my fave is the last image…the one where he is getting his candy bribe for hanging out with us 😉
Madison Wisconsin Pregnancy Photos

peace, much love, and many many belly hugs ♥ anya