Well, this morning I am feeling very un-creative verbally. I think it is due to the lack of caffeine and perhaps I should go brew myself up another cappuccino from our most awesome (and not very expensive) cappuccino maker I scored at Starbucks a year ago. Although I am not Starbucks hugest fan and we have tons of local coffee houses near to us, I couldn’t pass up a 50% off deal on a cappuccino machine! I probably have saved enough money at this point to feed a small nation….that is how much I need my cappuccino 🙂

Anyhow, back to my regularly scheduled program of sneak peeks. Be prepared for another one later on today! There may even be a cute baby involved…

Isn’t this mama’s belly super cute?! These twin girls are so ready to have a sibling to cuddle up with. And they were so thrilled to be photographed. They were my dream girls as far as models go! I cannot wait to do their newborn shoot. Looking at how beautiful these girls are, I know for sure that baby is going to be a cutie!