Our Family

My dorky Family, originally uploaded by Hip Mama’s Photos.

Here is a family photo from our summer vacation to Hayward, Wisconsin. We rented a house on the lake and spent a week together, all 8 kids and two adults. Crazy, I know. It took a lot on my part to get this shot…which is why I probably look seriously frazzled, my hair looks horrible, and I think my shirt is falling off. Oh well! Enjoy!

Baby Amina

Just wanted to add this gorgeous baby to my blog. Is she not just adorable???? Its hard to believe that she is 6 weeks old! And that I actually got to get a great picture of her. A lot of photographers shy away from baby’s after they pass 2 weeks until they are about 4 months old. That period of time tends to be awkward for baby’s and they tend to produce stiff poses that aren’t the cute snuggly poses people desire out of baby photographs. I have seen other photographers swaddle so I thought what the heck! This is Amina swaddled at Monty’s Blue Plate Diner where her mama Jenny and I went for breakfast. Who says you need a big studio to get great baby pictures?!!!!

Smoochy newborn parts….

There is nothing like a fresh newborn! It seems like it is taking me forever to edit these photos. For the most part because I am a perfectionist and I want them to look just perfect! Not that the subject isn’t perfect already 🙂

Here is smoochy baby Amina, 3 days old……

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Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!, originally uploaded by Hip Mama’s Photos.

Happy fall from Rowan!!!! He loves playing in the leaves in the front yard. I will post more of him later.


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