Ok babies…there seems to be some kind of conspiracy out there to poop and pee on Anya these days. Let’s just get it straight now. It is ok to poop and pee on mom and dad… we wait for THOSE moments to poop and pee … Anya prefers to stay dry 🙂 Its funny because usually I am the one to stay dry. But these days my feet have taken quite a beating, lol! 😉

I have to admit I am a lover of baby names. Erik and I worked hard on our baby names… we had our kids named WELL before they were born. And when I say well before, I mean when we were only like 14 weeks along. Access to technology went a long way in name and nursery planning! When I go through my blog, I don’t think there is even one baby name repeated here. I find that pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see what the next baby’s name is going to be… (and btw, I just love the name bronwyn rose…I think it suits her beautifully, don’t you?).





Bronwyn and mommy = love

What’s a cute baby girl without a little headband?

And because we can’t leave out the proud big brother Brennan… he was such a champ posing for me in between baby shots!

peace, baby love, and cuddles, ♥ anya