my blog has a fever . . .

and the only prescription….. is more cow bell. 😆

So if you have tried to post comments, etc…. and it isn’t working or you don’t see your comment…or your comment suddenly came out in some odd language, I apologize. I may have to move my blog to another domain so that I can keep my lovely website while at the same time have this blog (very long story).

And if you don’t quite get my cow bell reference or want a good laugh, see link below 🙂 One of my fave skits of all times….seriously….I have watched it probably 20 plus times and I still laugh my *&^ off.

More Cow Bell

peace, love, and cow bell ♥ anya

mia take 2 | our day in poo

🙂 I am a poet and didn’t know it!!!!

If I sound a bit wacky today it is because I am seriously high on paint fumes from the hubs painting the living room. I am lucky that he actually agreed to do it because *usually* he tries to turn me down. For the simple reason that I have the habit of changing my mind. After he paints. One time he had to do two walls with three different colors before I got it right. What can I say? I am a perfectionist at the visual.

Ok, back to Mia. She wins the award this year for most poop and pee in one photo session. YAY!!!! Fortunately it was all on mom and dad…none on me 🙂 Triple YAY!

Here she is smiling away…..knowing that pretty soon daddy will be dripping in pee


All cuddled up with mommy….


And because I know mommy will appreciate this….she appears to be saying….”seriously dad, WTF”??? For those less acronym inclined, I won’t translate that as this is a PG rated blog……


peace and much love ♥ anya

meet delaney

beautiful baby girl #2 that I got to spend the day with this week. I swear I could stare at babies for hours. And never get bored. Which is probably why I am ever so in love with this job of mine. I get to cuddle and play with babies for a few hours and then hand them back! Plus I actually get to sleep all night. If I could just convince my kids that they are now SUPPOSED to let me sleep all night.

I added the last image in special for the labor and delivery nurses at a certain hospital here in town 🙂


This image cracks me up!




a mini sneak…of baby mia

Baby Mia could have been inducted into my own family for her feisty personality and determination to explore the world on her terms and her terms ONLY. She is a girl after my own heart 🙂 More to come very soon. For some reason my asthma decided to act up as I was leaving her session and I ended up with some lovely IV steroids and nebulizer treatments. I can definitely say that I, for one, will not be sad to see this winter end and for spring to begin!



peace and love ♥ anya

finn take two | finn’s posse

Have I mentioned how much I love siblings? There is absolutely nothing more lovely than watching siblings interact together….well, when they are getting along, that is. 🙂

I went back for a few capture’s of Finn with his brother and sister. He was more than accommodating.

This was mama’s idea…I think it worked out beautifully!

baby finn and his posse

When I was editing this one I kept thinking “Raise your hands if you’re Sure”….LOL!



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