meet finn

Don’t my client’s name their babies some of the most awesome names? I will have to admit that Finn was a name on our boys list of names…..Well, should I say *my* boys list of names? LOL!

As you can see, Finn had other ideas about being photographed. Usually I can conquer a baby who does not want to be posed. I mean eventually they do conk out. And become much more malleable. Not Finn. He had other ideas right from the start.


A little daddy love can often do the trick…


Some spontaneous Finn posing himself….


And the up close and totally adorable Mr. Finn


until next time, anya ♥

beautiful mama’s everywhere!

There must be something in the water. Because I have seen more beautiful pregnant mama’s in the last month than I can count!!! This little wee girl will be available for public viewing come March. And I can’t wait 🙂

So call me stupid but did anyone else see that Will Ferrell has a new movie coming out? All I can say is YAY! Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any naked shots of his rear running down the middle of the road…which I find to be a bit of a bummer. But Land of the Lost DEFINITELY needed a spoof. It was pretty much it’s own spoof when it actually aired. And Will Ferrell was the right man for the job. Now to figure out how to embed video into my blog….hmmmmm…..




completely honored . . .

This image is a finalist in the Heart of Gold International Photographic Competition. I have loved this image since the moment I took it. It can be viewed on large canvas (40×30) in the halls of the UW Health Fitchburg Clinic (if you happen to be a patient there) 🙂

I will apologize for the fact that my actual link isn’t posting….must be the blonde in me…but if you copy and past the below “attempt at a link” you will find the actual site. Ugh. I should give up trying to be web savvy altogether!


more beautiful mama maternity. . .

I am having a ton of maternity sessions these days after my newborn pallooza. Which means guess what??? Another newborn pallooza come February. I can’t wait! Although I have to wait a little longer for this little man. He isn’t due until March 🙂

Has anyone noticed that I have not been as verbose of late? I think it is because it has been so cold outside that I literally can’t think straight. Or it freezes my verbal creativity. Blah. The only fun stories I can come up with lately would be things that would poke fun at my hubby. And I don’t think he would quite appreciate that as much as everyone else would. So I will spare him for now…. 🙂
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baby g and the dogs . . .

Meet baby G. She is hidden in mommy’s belly right now but will be showing her beautiful face very soon and I cannot WAIT to meet her.

I have been working on this first image over the last day. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE incorporating animals into maternity/newborn photos? Often times it doesn’t work because the animals are just not interested in being photographed. They are far too excited by having a visitor….who smells like foreign dog and cats, as well as fishies and frog….and probably a little toddler pee mixed in 🙂 . But sometimes it just works. This was definitely one of those times.



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