On my last photo session visit to Madison, my family and I were able to spend some time with our best buddies….the Anderson family. We all got jacked up on caffeine, had some great food, great conversation, and watched our kids play with each other. That ended up being Zebby irritating his sister and making her cry (thus needing her mommy), Annika adopting another family in the store and playing a rousing game of Memory with them, and Rowan doing what Rowan’s do best….Eat! I will have to admit that I totally MISS Ancora coffee in Fitchburg. They have this yogurt and granola breakfast that is to DIE for! I will also have to admit that their coffee is pretty darn great as well 🙂

coffee with the anderson's....

On a side note…to get rid of the 7 million spam comments I had in my account, I inadvertently had to delete all comments. Okay, I will admit it, it wasn’t me…it was my computer geek. 😉 It was a ton of comments and I am so sad to see them gone from my blog, but so thankful to all that took the time to comment. From now on, however, comments work.

peace, much love, and great coffee ♥ anya