This year I vow to try my best to not sweat the small stuff! So I say instead of vowing to lose weight (I mean how cliche), I vow to make SURE I lick more batter bowls when I bake. What is more fun than that? And I am sure that when I die I will not be wishing I had licked fewer bowls….eh? Unless licking the batter bowls kills me……hmmmm…..see, there I go again!

…….this is me in process of making a cake thats recipe is dated 1934. The recipe is from a book called the “Hershey’s 1934 Cookbook”. My step-mother Carmen used to make some of my birthday cake’s from it. This cake was soooo much fun to make! And it will be even more fun to eat…..especially after we frost it with the 3 layer chocolate frosting I am about to make. Come here you double boiler, you!