A few more of baby ella and her awesome family. I have been dying to do an image of a daddy with a tattoo and his baby. This daddy has a rockin’ tattoo and loves his little baby girl to pieces 🙂 I have to give a HUGE shout out to my AWESOME dad’s who have bravely bared their chests for me to photograph them with their wee loves. There is honestly nothing that melts any mama’s heart more than seeing her man loving their baby. 🙂

And just for fun, I will let everyone in on my super top secret photo editing music collection…..

Today’s (LOUD) selections were:

Girlfriend in a Coma — Smiths
Shoplifters of the World — Smiths (I know, both these songs are kinda weird to edit baby images to, eh? LOL!)
Tupelo Honey — Van Morrison
Talkin’ about a Revolution — Tracy Chapman
Shimmer — Fuel
Strangelove — Depeche Mode
Shake the Disease — Depeche Mode (saw them live at the Forum in LA circa 1985 or ’86, I can’t remember!)
Where the Streets Have no Name — U2
Bad — U2 (Saw live in 1988….my bff Heather and I got Bono butt view….don’t know why they played in the round)
Gin and Juice — Snoop Dog (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Don’t tell anyone…..it’s a mood piece……lol!)
Love My Way — Psychadelic Furs
Solsbury Hill — Peter Gabriel
You Should be Dancing — Bee Gee’s
Falls on Me — Fuel
Glycerine — Bush (Who I actually got to see live at Woodstock ’99)
Superman — REM
Living for the City — Stevie Wonder
Mountains O’ Things — Tracy Chapman
Superstition — Stevie Wonder

…and it’s official….my kids think I am either totally nuts or high…..

Daddy and Ella



peace and love ♥ anya