OMG…..did I type that right?  Does that say DATE up there in big bold letters????  Yes, party people, that is correct.  The dh and I are actually going on a date!  It seems like its been weeks since we have gone out.  Usually we have a regular Sunday babysitter but since she decided to get a life….I mean now has other commitments, we only have her every two weekends out of the month.  THEN she decided to get PREGNANT.   The nerve!  LOL!  So we missed out last weekend because she was deep in the throws of morning…should be all day….sickness.  So as I type I am waiting on my 19 year old step-daughter Brittni to come take over my house of chaos. 

So what are we going to do on this date, you ask?  Weeeeeellll, we are planning on going to see Steve Carrel’s new movie Dan in Real Life.  Enjoy the trailer below…..*I*, on the other hand, will be enjoying the actual movie….popcorn, soda, Junior Mints, and all!