I have a few openings for newborns and maternity/newborn combo’s in 2008!

September            2 openings 1 opening

October                3 openings

November             3 openings

December             2 openings

Once these fill up, I am done for this year 🙂  Enjoy my 70’s flashback…..the hubs and I have been lamely dancing around to ABBA since last week when we saw Mama Mia at the Sundance Theatre.  Needless to say, there has been a lot of hiding the eyes and plugging of ears around my house.  The good news is that Annika can now belt out almost all of the words to the song Mama Mia.  Its a good thing because I was getting a little tired of the Hairspray soundtrack.  She does quite a rousing rendition of Good Morning Baltimore….or as she sings in, "Good Morning Voldemort".  Yes, that is my girl!  Reminds me that I used to sing "I am woman, I am a vegetable".  Ahhh, yes, I did quite the brilliant Helen Reddy cover 🙂