…and I do hope I spelled that right. I have had the honor and the pleasure of being friends with Beckett’s parents for over 10 years. I have also had the honor of being at each one of their births. At Beckett’s birth I missed out on taking many photos as I was too busy being present in the moment. Which was fabulous for me (not so much for his mama 😉

One of the greatest blessings for me is knowing that two people who were not able to be physically present in this world for the beautiful experience of meeting and knowing Beckett, were, however, honored in his name. Beckett’s aunt Becky and my husband Erik passed away literally within two weeks (to the day) of one another. The combination of the name Beckett (Becky) and E. (both Erik as well as Beck-E) is in honor of these two beautiful people who could no longer be present in this world, but will be present in spirit as Beckett grows up. The name Leopold is a whole different story. I think the entire name suits him beautifully!






peace, hugs, and much baby love, ♥ anya