It has been a long time coming, but Rowan finally got a haircut! We have had a difficult time at the prospect of cutting his gorgeous little curly blonde locks. But daddy kept mentioning (ROUTINELY….the way he does…..) that Rowan needed a haircut. So one afternoon while daddy was away, I took a snip to the little curly tail Rowan had going on in the back of his head. I saved it, ready to put a little ribbon around it to go in a box, all cute and curly. I was so proud of myself! When daddy arrived home I proudly said, “Look, I cut Rowan’s hair”….thinking daddy was going to be all impressed with my bravery. Well, he wasn’t. I swear, I thought he was going to start bawling his head off right there…. “You did what? Why didn’t you wait for me”??? he asked. “Uhhhhhhh…..well, ummmm…..because I thought it was bothering you”. I replied. “But I wanted to at least BE THERE”….he says. Needless to say, I felt like the worlds biggest turd the rest of the day.

So when it was time to set up Rowan for his haircut appointment, I stayed behind. I did not go and try to steal the day, taking pictures of my little man, getting his first haircut (at a SALON, no less). I stepped aside and let daddy and big brother Zachary be the stars of the show. Good thing, too, because Rowan was an absolute bawling nut at the salon… LOL!

Here he is, before and after. And yeah, I wanted to keep it long….I love my little skater boy “look”:

and “after” with his little treat from the local bakery: