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It is always an honor to be asked to photograph a family for multiple babies as their family grows. I photographed big brother Dylan (shown below cuddling his baby brother) when he was a wee 10 days old 3 1/2 years ago. Meet sweet Brendan. Aren’t his lips absolutely smooch-able? ♥

Brendan and big brother Dylan

peace, much love, and baby smooches! ♥ anya

baby and family photography madison wisconsin

I had a “most excellent” time photographing this gorgeous baby and family last month! Since the UW Arboretum has started charging photographers $30 per session to photograph there I have had to become a bit more creative with my on-location sessions. This lovely session took place at the beautiful Olin-Turville Park. Who knew an un-used lifeguard stand could make for such an awesome family photo 😉

peace, much love, and family hugs ♥ anya

madison wisconsin birth photography

A couple weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of photographing this beautiful baby less than 5 hours after she was born. Reason #1, because I am madly in love with babies and will do just about anything to hang out with them (hence my job). Reason #2, I am offering brand new Simply Fresh hospital sessions for both my newborn session clients as well as the population at large! Email me for details 😉

And there is nothing cuter than a newborn yawn sequence, so here ya go!

Welcome to the world, sweet Maddie!

peace, much love, and fresh new baby smooches ♥ anya

baby and child photography madison wisconsin

I absolutely (and quite obviously) adore hanging out with babies and kids. Why? Because they bring honesty and purity to my life. Also because when I act like an idiot, they don’t judge. They giggle right along. And laugh! And roll their eyes… Grown-ups are seriously not as fun. Or, quite frankly, as cute.

peace, much love, and baby giggles ♥ anya

one year portraits madison wisconsin

This summer I had the distinct pleasure of photographing sweet baby Avi for the second time. During a portion of the session Avi’s mom, frustrated that Avi was starting to get grumpy and not interacting with the camera, flagged down a teenage couple headed off into the woods and requested that they act silly for the camera (i.e. behind me). They enthusiastically obliged. We all felt pretty confident knowing that we had done our adult duty of providing these teenagers a great lesson in why they may want to reconsider what they were going into the woods for. Except for the fact that Avi is pretty darn cute. Even I (mommy of 5) wanted to take her home with me 😉

Avi loves to read!

Avi loves her mommy!

She loves her daddy too!

peace, much love, and sweet baby smooches! ♥ anya


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