ben at 3 1/2 months

I am without words this evening, as life has a way of sometimes leaving me speechless.  I must say, however, that I am madly in love with little Ben’s mohawk.  I really hope he still has it at his 6 month session 🙂





Peace, love, and baby cuddles ♥ anya


My weekend is always complete when I get to spend it with a fresh new baby and family!  Oscar and I had a lovely time hanging out together… and this time I even managed to get a few images of big brother Henry as well 🙂






I will call this next collection “Anatomy of a newborn plus sibling session”.  The first time I met Henry was during his mama’s maternity photo session. Henry wanted nothing to do with me.  No amount of bribery would get him to befriend my lens.  So when I showed up for baby brother Oscar’s newborn session I wasn’t expecting to get much out of Henry.  Amazingly enough, with the help of  the infamous “Green Monkey” 😉 , we managed a few shots….  First we had to photograph a wrapped “Green Monkey” plus Henry.  Once Green Monkey was removed (as you can see below) Henry wasn’t so sure about adding Oscar to the picture.  I think the last image is my favorite.  It isn’t necessarily always about capturing what we may envision the perfect portrait to be  … it is about capturing a moment in time.  And sometimes those moments aren’t quite as we imagine them to be … nevertheless, they are still absolutely perfect in their own right.

** please excuse the alignment… wordpress is not being my friend today





Peace, love, and green monkey cuddles,  anya


Welcome to the world beautiful Avi.  At three weeks old, Avi was an amazing sleeper!  I was so sure this session was going to go on the long side, however much to my surprise we finished early 🙂








Loves me some baby toesies!


Waiting on two more wee ones that will hopefully make their appearances soon 😉

Peace, much love, and baby cuddles ♥  anya


Dear Lily,

I have been waiting for you for some time now …  I photographed you in your  mama’s belly when you were still a small little peanut.   When you arrived, your mama was so excited  she emailed me that night with a photo and description of how absolutely beautiful you are!  When I arrived at your home I immediately felt the love that surrounds you.   My life is forever changed for having the opportunity to meet you, hold you, and capture your delicate beauty.







On a lovely little side note, you share a birthday with sweet little Emme, who is also on this blog.  Both of you were born fast, in the same hospital, and almost at the same time.   🙂


arthur and his peeps

I had the most FABULOUS time photographing 4 month old baby Arthur and his delightful family!  It isn’t often that I get an outdoor evening session and I was reminded about how fabulous the light is, and also how much FUN it is!

Arthur shows his brother and sister who is REALLY the boss in this family …..  😉








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