Hello dear blog readers! I am writing to let everyone know that I have decided to take a bit of time off. I did not realize how significantly I would be affected by our move up north. Having kids at home all the time through the summer, reorganizing a new house, hubby having a new job, getting the kids settled in their various new schools, etc….. has required me to be so busy with my home life that I am unable to find the time for a professional life.

I will be compiling a waiting list for clients who would like sessions after October, 2009. Current clients of mine who have already discussed sessions with me do not need to worry 🙂 I will still be photographing your family/wee ones as promised.

Alas I have no image to post as all of my images are on my Mac which is currently being utilized as a kiddy daycare.

peace and much love ♥ anya