*whew*…it has been a complete whirlwind of a last few months with lots of newborns and LOTS of changes in store. I will update more on that a bit later 🙂

I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday with this little cutie who came all the way from Minnesota to visit her cousin Jaxon and have her one year old photos taken by me! What a complete honor 😉 Maddi definitely put me to work, and I believe that I actually did leave with some red ladybug frosting on my rear. I will secretly admit that it smells WAY better than baby poo….which is what I typically have on my pants when I come home.

And a side note on a parenting experience I had this morning. I remember a time in my children’s lives when passing a McDonalds made me cringe because my wee ones, before they were even speaking, could recognize the brilliant branding of those golden arches. Well fear no longer. Now it is Starbucks that my little Rowan recognizes. Yes, Starbucks. Not only does he recognize it, he knows its exact location. And can point the way. As he did this morning when I was apparently not turning in the right direction. And he pointed the other way (towards the Starbucks drive through) yelling “Bucks, Bucks, Bucks, mommy”.



This one is for grandpa: